Wednesday, June 6, 2007

tulisan pertama; in the name of HIM

in the name of Allah The Most Merciful and The Most Gracious...
dont worry about my name because i myself dont even bother to do so!
besides, i am more concerned with the fact that i am a muslim.
yes, i believe in GOd; simple, i believe that i have a creator.
does it seem strange for you?
well, that is the whole point of being a muslim; being a stranger!

anyway, come back to the point as to why i believe that i have a creator.
just like you believe that the intriguing painting "Monalisa" was painted by Leonardo Da Vinci who (apparently) was so intuitive and exceptionally talented, i believe that the self of mine that is more unique and differentiated from others was created by someONE who was much greater; Allah.

seems to be conservative, doesnt it?
i mean, a large number of people thought that religion came about because of the lack of technology in the past where ancient people were so frightened of natural disasters that were considered as The Deities' angers or drought that was descended from the hellfire when the Gods were playing around with some sparkles of the fire.
the list will go on; superstitions are seen to be the initial causes of the emergences of religions such as Judaism, Christianity or even Islam.
but what sort of justifying fact comes with it?
if having a religion is viewed as something ancient, then i can say that most of our celebrities are even more primitive than those who have religion.
do you know why?
because they dont put on clothes any more; just like those primitive humans with limited types of materials!

the point is i dont even believe that human wasnt born with religion in the first place.
because Adam (as I believe) was the first human created by Allah (God) and he started the history of humankind by surrendering himself to the power of He who is The Greatest.
so, inverse to what has been believed (that human started off with no religion and discovered it later in life), we muslims actually believe that humans started off with religion and went astray as they went along!

i have heaps more to talk about,
but its only my first writing, i didnt intend to do more than this.
God's willing,
I will come again with a number of thoughts to share with you,
especially "go_blogers " (only indonesians know what it means)

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