Friday, January 4, 2008

in a phrase called long-winded waiting

extremely deep within,
keeps throbbing, keeps pumping.
with a reluctant glance, i was staring to a thing named hope.
a hope to soar,
a hope to roar.

i thought i was great; could fly, of course i could soar up to the sky.
but i was mistaken; i was slipping through the storm without being shy.
all i could ask was why,
the road seems to be so far away.

till that morning i was given a call,
a long call, a crying call.
a voice of hopeless, so was I.
I was lying upon the wall of cry-again.

they screamed.
they said i was blessed.
they said i was mad,
if i was not glad.

but i am mad,
that wasnt high enough to jump up.
that wasnt good enough to smile up.
i was brokenhearted.

yes i have passed the storm,
yes i have been given more than a norm,
but i was still a worm
that never feels warm.

dear LORD in YOUR land
grant me the patient to face all
give me the passion to grab all....

_______________________just passing my high school, my marks were good overall but i was disappointed that i didnt get good for a thing called extended essay.
oh well, Allah has his own way to guide us.
must be some hidden wisdom.....T_T

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