Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Poetry

Yesterday she cried
Today she had begun to shine
Eventhough the tears were gone
Inside she had still died

Emotions of fear, anger, and hatred
All rushed through her mind
Like a little baby
She cried, cried, cried

Rushing to catch up with the crowd
But always falling behind
"Why is life such a misery?"
She cried

Life had brought her down
The answers she would not find
She believed she would find them one day
When life decided to be kind

written by Nurdan Tabak,
Meadowsheight, Monday, 23rd of February 2007, 1.13 AM.

*ini ditulis sahabat dekat saya waktu masih SMA dulu, buat saya. Tadi nemu di buku harian lama. Tulisan tangannya masih utuh di kertas yang ditempeli stiker 'smile' di ujung kanan bawahnya.*

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