Thursday, September 20, 2012

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time
There lived a princess
With green gown, pearls on the sides
Holding the command at any time
Wishing all the goodness for her people

Then there she was
Doing almost everything to lighten up others' lives
For one thing she failed to fetch up to memories;
A wish to recall her loved ones at home
Some postcards to those who bid her farewell to lead in far away land wide

She had all the devastations
When the loved ones turned up and sued her
With the most painful plea;
That she forgot to love
Her own loved ones

Ever since
The princess had reformed herself
Into endless crying
Desperate tears within smiles
Stabbed with a dagger of jealousy
For those who can freely love
And never got accused by their loved ones
Or even further
Being wronged by the loved ones for loving some others out there

The princess is more or less
A walking corpse
Who no longer dare
To be brave over her own heart

Somewhere, September 2012

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